Dreaming With God: By Bill Johnson


I bought this book in 2014 and have read it at least twice. It’s not a ‘light read’, but don’t get me wrong, I mean this in the most complimentary way. It’s ‘weighty’, ‘meaty’ and rich in Biblical truths. A treasure of a book. As with any Bill Johnson book I’ve read, the chapters are broken down into sections with clever, thought provoking headings, that both draw you in and cause you to think. It’s a style of writing I particularly enjoy and always makes me look forward to the next Bill Johnson book!
If you’re a person who likes to study, you’ll probably find that some of these small sections will take a long time to get through because you’ll feel spurred on to look up a verse of scriptures here, a reference there, and really digest and understand what you’ve just read.
If you choose to buy this book, I would advise that don’t try to rush through it. You may find you want to, because it’s hard to put down! But resist the urge; savour each well written chapter in the same spirit that I believe it was written – prayerfully!
Read this Book If:
You long to learn how to partner with God in the world of the supernatural. Particularly if you belong to a church that does not facilitate or teach on this.
Jill 💜

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