Man, The Dwelling Place of God



It would be easy to pass by Tozer’s works because many of them were written over 50 years ago and sometimes the language can be old fashioned- but may I say something? From just a few pages in I forgot about any of that! I was so challenged, blessed and encouraged through this book. A.W. Tozer writes with the authority of a prophet of God. There’s a powerful message in this little book. But it leaves the reader with a choice: Listen and apply, and experience the blessing of God’s presence, or ignore the message and go on as before, doing life one’s own way. 

How incredible it is that Almighty God chooses to make people like you and I His dwelling place; to live and walk and talk with us. God wants to reveal His power to us in personal ways. However, Tozer writes, we can’t just live whatever way we want to and then ask the Lord to bless our lives with His presence.

We need to allow God to be the one in charge and cease trying to control God. God is not at our beck and call, He is not a genie in a bottle waiting to grant our wishes when we rub the bottle the right way, He is Lord of all. Tozer says, it’s time for us to take God’s Word more seriously, as God’s Word tells us clearly how to live, and how He longs to bless us.

As with all Tozer’s books, each of the 39 short chapters gives much food for thought (and further study if are so inclined.)

It’s a challenging read: one that requires action – application of the truths in these short chapters will be something that you will want to ponder throughout the book. Jill 💜

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