Translating God: By Shawn Bolz

In his book, Translating God: Hearing God’s Voice For Yourself And The World Around You, Shawn Bolz shares part of his own journey of how he grew in experience and understanding in hearing God for people.

Shawn Bolz has an engaging style of writing that makes the reader feel mentored as you read – that was certainly my experience. It is is a treasure trove of a book that you will want to read again – and again. 

The thread that runs through the whole book though, the most important thing of all, is and that people understand and grasp the heart of prophecy, which is always God’s love for people; never superiority, self promotion, condemnation and/or coercion.

It would be very difficult to read this book and not be encouraged and challenged. It was the first book I had read by Shawn Bolz and I went on to purchase two other of his books, which I am currently reading. 

A Few Quotes from Translating God by Sean Bolz

Prophecy from others should never violate our will or ability to have choices.”

“You will never have authority over what you do not love.”

“Since we are all able to hear from God for ourselves, our goal in hearing from God for each other is to encourage that love relationship and affirm that great connection.”

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